Melton South Early School

Melton South Early School aims to provide the quality and care for children from all diverse learning needs. We are small centre that consists of only four rooms, so there are limited places. We believe quality of care is our top priority and we aim to achieve this with small family like setting.

Our vision is for children from the Melton South growing community to have access to high quality and care early education.

Our purpose drives everything we do — to ensure children have access to the learning, development, and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life. 

Our mission is to support children with all their developmental needs in their early years to build a successful outcome for life.

Delivering on our purpose

Our strategic goals steer our direction:

High Quality

Melton South Early School delivers high quality early learning and care in a safe environment.



We respect and tolerate children from all cultures and religion; ensuring our programs are inclusive and our meals meet the needs of our children.



Enhance outcomes for children in vulnerable circumstances or communities.


Great Staff

Build a capable, aligned and engaged workforce. We continue to ensure our staff receive the training that they require.


Evidence Based Practice

Embed evidence-informed practice and strengthen the Australian evidence base


Community Involvement

Increase involvement within the Melton South community. We love to collaborate with members of the community.

Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles underpin everything that we do, providing focus for the way in which we deliver social impact at scale and locally in each and every community we operate.
  • Children are central to everything we do.
  • Our people make the difference.
  • Families are our primary partner.
  • Being a valued member of the community.

Our Centre

Melton South Early School offers families requiring childcare in Melton South a premium standard of early childhood education and care for children aged 6 weeks to school age.

We offer a fully Registered Kindergarten program for 3 and 4 year old children. The Kindergarten program is taught by a Bachelor qualified Kindergarten teacher. This means your child remains in a secure, consistent environment where they feel comfortable from infancy until school age.


We are proud of our:


Qualified kindergarten teachers who will support your child to be school ready

Industry-best educators

We ensure we recruit educators who represent our local Melton South community

Weekly curriculum incorporating self

Expression through creativity, scaffolding, child-centred approach and evidence based practice


Designed indoor and outdoor spaces which optimise learning and development

Wholesome, delicious foods from our menus

We ensure our menus cater to each learner whilst making it nutrious and wholesome


Work-friendly hours from 6.30am to 6.30pm with easy pick up and drop off area

Full government rebates & Fees

To find out more please contact us

We invite you to come and look at our fabulous service in Melton South Early School.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 0481 998 072, to reserve a spot for your child! Limited places available across the four rooms.

Our Team

Every parent understands how difficult it is to entrust the care of your child to others and that is why Melton South Early School hires the industry-best educators and degree-qualified teachers at our early learning centres.

All educators hold a minimum Certificate III in Children’s Services and each room has a Leading Educator who holds a Diploma in Children’s Services or higher. Our whole team is focused on continually researching the best practice in early childhood education, whilst gaining insight and mentorship from many different principles to impart an educational program that is of the highest standards.

Melton South Early School have an Educational Leader employed to support the centre educators with education programming and the implementation of the Reggio Emilia Approach. The Educational Leader provides training to educators within the school, provide support in creating meaningful programs and work on developing the physical environments in which the child learns and plays.